The University of Ayurveda Prague holds a FESTIVAL annually. This year it is being organized by the students of Ayurvedic Psychology. It will take place at Ayurfarm Gyani on 21-22 August 2021. The main participants will be students of the University of Ayurveda Prague, their family members and frends, as well as a delegation from elsewhere in Europe. The aim of the university is to expand its course offerings about Ayurveda for the public, and this festival is, therefore, open to all who are interested in Ayurveda.
As always, the program will be quite colorful and rich. Offerings range from: student defenses of their dissertation work to
lectures from the Mahakashaya module and ayurveda awareness
a cultural program (learning Garbha dance),
“Ayurpsychosalon” – a puppet show by Luky’s arts group,
Vincent’s relaxing music, Tibetan bowls by Babaji Štefan,
 the Ayurvedic ritual of the fire ceremony,
a celebratory ceremony
special lectures by our guests from abroad
 through to the closing words of the event. The festival will begin on Saturday morning and will last late into the evening. On Sunday it will begin with the agnihotra morning ritual followed by special lectures by our guests from abroad  on the subject of behavior and mindset in Ayurveda. The closing words will be said by Bapuji Kiran Vyas and Govindacharyaji. Lectures in Czech will be interpreted into English by Gwen. Lectures by the experts from abroad will be translated into Czech by Hanumanji, Lakshamanji and Vizaji.


SATURDAY 21.8.2021

9:00 – Festival opening by the chair of the Ayurvedic Consoritum of Europe, Bapuji Kiran Vyas, lighting of candles and singing of mantras

9:30 – Opening remarks by the director of the University of Ayurveda Prague, Govindacharyaji
10:00 – Presentations by students of Ayurvedic Psychology defending their dissertations
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Continuation of the presentations by the Ayurvedic Psychology students and defenses of their dissertations followed by presentations by students of the 50 Mahaka Shaji module
16:00 – Celebratory ceremony awarding certificates and expressing gratitude
17:00 – Garbha is an Indian group folk dance that will be taught to us by  Dr. Falguni. In years past she has managed to awaken in us a sense of lightness, precision, rhythm, and the language of the body itself. Dr. Falguni will demonstrate the gestures and steps involved and those participating will follow her.
19:30 – Light supper (soup)
20:30 – Puppet show – the “Ayurpsychosalon”, by Lukáš Tomek and his artistic team
21:30 – Vincent’s relaxing music 22:00 –  The meditative music of Tibetan bells will be performed by Babaji Štefan

SUNDAY 22 August 2021

6:00 – Agnihotra (fire ceremony)
7:00- Breakfast
8:30 – Special lectures on the subject of behavior and mindset according to Ayurveda (interpreted from English to Czech)
8:30- Dr. Prasanna Kerur (England)
9:30 – Dr. Rajesh Misra (Germany)
410:30 – Dr Falguni Vyas (Paris, France)
11:30 – Dr. Svami Gyan Nikhl Joshi (Switzerland)
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Closing remarks by Bapuji Kiran Vyas and Govindacharyaji.
The students of the Ayurvedic Psychology 2 course are the sponsors of this festival and have contributed CZK 2 000 each to organizing the seminar. For all other students of the University of Ayurveda Prague the entrance fee to the festival is CZK 1 000. That includes all of the drinks and food provided during your stay at the farm for the festival. Residents of Chudíř and the surrounding area are invited to attend the festival free of charge. An Ayurvedic summer vegetarian menu will be served. Customary beverages including coffee and tea will be available throughout the festival. Accommodation: For a bed in the Devaloka the cost is CZK 250; to sleep in your own sleeping bag the cost is CZK 100 per night. The Ayurfarm is able to offer modest accommodations in a home environment, but the rooms are not the equivalent of a hotel. Whoever wants to take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in a bed should reserve a place. Otherwise it is possible to sleep outdoors in the open or in your own tent or caravan. Please do not bring your pets to the farm. We thank you for your understanding of this request.
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